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Large Scale Jobs for Industrial Air Compressors

Although many of us use small scale air compressors at work or around the home, not many of us take the time to consider just how prolific the use of large air compressors are across a variety of industries. These industrial air compressors tackle tasks such as climate control, drilling, even running important medical systems. Industrial air compressors may take on large jobs but that doesn’t mean they are always bigger than regular air compressors. The price can massively vary too as some can cost as little as 90 dollars right up to ones that cost thousands.

Industrial Air Compressor

The most well-known manufacturers of industrial air compressors are Northern, Ingersoll, Firestone and Quincy. It can be hard to know which manufacturer to opt for so do your research. The Internet is a great way of accessing each company’s site and seeing what their different models have to offer. Good research will make sure you get the right compressor for the right price.

Ingresroll Air Compressor

Out of these manufacturers, Northern is one of the best regarded. One of their most popular air compressor models is the RAC106. This is a compressor featuring a 1.6 gallon tank that is extremely efficient. A great feature on this model is the cold start induction motor. The reason this is so useful is the fact your air compressor will work in even chilly conditions. The RAC106 also features visible gauges, a metal air filter and regulator.


One of the best models on offer from Ingersoll is the Ingersoll Rand 60 Gallon Industrial Air Compressor. It is a two stage unit giving out five horsepower. This 230 volt air compressor offers great versatility as it only needs a one phase electricity hook up.

The most important thing is to choose the right air compressor for the job. If you succeed in this you can get even the biggest jobs done.

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Bill Jone’s advice: Accessories for your air compressor

An air compressor works by compressing air inside a tank and with the resulting pressure creates a steady flow of air used to power things. Air compressors not only consist of parts such as pressure gauges and valves but can also come with a number of accessories. In this part of the best portable air compressor, we take a look at a few useful parts and accessories.

A drain petcock can prevent your compressor from leaking air. A good brass version fitted to the air compressor tank will give you a tight seal. Make sure you get the right size drain petcock for your compressor.

Air compressor oil can help prolong the life of your air compressor. It gets rid of carbon build-up within the valves and keeps components lubricated and rust free. Using compressor oil will make your machine run much more smoothly and it should last longer too.

Air Compressor Oil | Billjoines

A useful accessory to have is a portable tank. You can fill it with air and then take it with you, which is perfect for anyone with non-portable compressors. A portable tank can prove invaluable in a flat tyre situation.

Air safety valves are very important so good quality ones are the only way to go. The best air safety valves are made of brass and last longer than many other valves.

One accessory every air compressor owner should have is a good maintenance kit. Keeping your air compressor in the best condition possible with the right maintenance will keep it in top condition for the longest possible time. A good maintenance kit will have everything you need to complete jobs such as an oil or air filter change.

Pressure controls are a vital piece of the air compressor so if you ever need replacements make sure you buy the best quality you can afford.

There are a number of ways in which you can use an air compressor. Small scale air compressors are just right for keeping your tires pumped up. There are a huge variety of air compressors out there from small workshop compressors to huge industrial models so you are sure to find one to fit your needs.

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