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The Best Classical Pianists of All Time

When you think of the best classical pianists, you need to consider a lot of factors. You need to think about the technical issues, the reputation or fan following, the extent of their talent, the improvisation capacity, etc. In addition to these factors, you should consider the pianists who have prior recording as it will allow you to compare and contrast their work with other pianists. With that said, it will be completely justified if you analyze the recognition of an individual talent of a specific era. It will help you to discern his or her contribution as a whole. Considering all the facts, here is the list of best classical pianists of all time, all of them are fond of playing the best digital piano:

  • Franz Liszt: Franz Liszt is the most prominent classical pianists of all time as his playing captivated the audiences immensely. In the early 1840s, he completed a tour of Europe that span for eight years. He has given a legendary status for his classic and elegant playing of piano, but he achieved this feat since he retired at an early age of 35 to focus on composing.
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff: Sergei Rachmaninoff was an out-of-the-box pianist whose style was different to the time in which he lived. He kept the romanticism of the 19th century well into the 20th century, which was perhaps the most intriguing factor of his piano playing. In order to showcase his abilities, all of his recordings were reshaped and re-mastered.
  • Arthur Rubinstein: Arthur Rubinstein was one of the best pianists because he had the ability to blend the elements of romanticism with the contemporary music and technical aspects. He was a fearless pianist who had garnered appreciation from the audiences for his taking ability in playing.
  • Clara Haskil: Clara Haskil was a natural talent who reproduced Mozart and Beethoven as a child before being taught music lessons. However, her career had seen stumbling blocks due to poor health and the world war. But ultimately, she did make a name for herself through some dazzling performances of Mozart. These performances were regarded as ‘for the gods’ by a reviewer.
  • Sviatoslav Richter: Sviatoslav Richter was a unique pianist in a sense that he described himself as executants instead of addressing himself as an interpreter. He always set the bar at a high standard and put in world-class performances in front of the audiences.
  • Vladimir Horowitz: Vladimir Horowitz has had a big career that spanned for a long time. Blessed with extraordinary technical abilities, Horowitz had oozed the audiences with his classic interpretations. In addition to this, he could easily alter different aspects of works of various composers. As a result of it, he was admired by a lot of fellow composers and pianists alike.
  • Glenn Gould: Glenn Gould has passed away 33 years ago, but people still remind of him greatly because he was one of the greatest pianists of his generation. He could inspire people with this music and he had a unique way of playing a piano as well. On top of it, he could easily do different things with the piano and also, he had the power to alter the works of Bach. All these things brought fame for Glenn Gould and people still remind him as a legendary pianist.

Published: November 16, 2015

What happen to Bill, where is he?


I do not disappear yet. I’m still here. You may not have heard from me for quite a while, but I still maintain this blog OK?

It’s been quite a ride. I’ve been busy with work, starting many new projects at time. Thus, I have no time to maintain this blog. But I’m coming back! From work, I’ve gathered quite lots of experience on how to optimize my blog post further for SEO, which previously a guy like me never know! I would apply these knowledge into this blog. Prepare to see this blog transform in a few weeks time yeah.

Theres’ also huge comments pending. I am really sorry, as I cannot read them all, and many of them are spam! I know there will be genuine lurking somehwere in there, but I simply cannot pick them out and publish and reply to them just yet. Sorry there’s only me in this blog!

So yeah, that’s about it. I’m not dead, and I’m definitely here wherever you need me. Drop me a mail in the contact form will surely help you get notice for your answer.

BIll Jones

Published: April 6, 2015

How to install ceiling fan

Setting up a ceiling fan can seem like a daunting job; nevertheless, you will find that if all the electrical wiring is in area, setting up a ceiling fan ought to be quite very easy. The dimension and also design of the fan you select will be extremely important with regard to setting up a ceiling fan. You can find a guide to choose good ceiling fan at Lightning Ceiling Fans. Below is the steps to install ceiling fan after you get your fan.


1. Turn off the power – This is probably the most crucial action when it comes to removing or setting up electric components. You will certainly really want to turn off the breaker that regulates the light in the room you plan on installing a ceiling fan. 2. Taking out the aged lighting fixture – This process ought to be done in the center of the day so you could open your blinds or home window shades in order to allow for sufficient light. Depending on the kind of installation you’re going to get rid of, it’s an issue of dismantling your aged installation and removing it from the light electric box. 3. Disconnecting the cords – You would like to make sure that you separate the cords from the aged setting up, yet make certain you marked each wire about its correct location. When installing a ceiling fan, this will certainly make it simpler. Inspect the old electric box – Make sure the electric box that is presently installed can take care of the fan weight as well as is installed to either a truss, or a cross brace. When mounting a ceiling fan weight will certainly be an important element, decide on intelligently.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

4. Prior to starting on installing a ceiling fan, make certain you read through the instructions that have your new fan. You will certainly be delighted at how effortlessly you will recall this details throughout the installation procedure. See to it you have everything set out in such a way that you could choose each product as you move along. 5. Mounting a ceiling fan installing bracket – The first thing you would like to do is install the brand-new installing brace onto the electric box. This mounting brace is just what will actually hold the new fan. 6. Make use of the working hook – Because of the weight of a ceiling fan electric motor, the manufactures are cognizant that you cannot hold the ceiling fan electric motor in one hand as well as protect the electrical wiring with the other. So they’ve made something that’s called a functioning hook, which enables you to hang the fan motor on the hook while you are assembling the circuitry. 7. In the United States, the white cord will be the neutral, the black cable will certainly be a very hot or (power leg) and the copper or environment-friendly wire will be the ground. Occasionally we’ll see a red cable which is taken into consideration a loop depending on how numerous light switches control a single light. Merely make sure to following the electrical wiring precisely as you remove the aged fixture and you should not have a trouble. 8. Safeguard the fan electric motor – It’s time to secure the fan motor to the fan installing brace. You intend to push all the wiring inside the electrical box, and afterwards protect the fan electric motor to the placing brace with the placing bolts that have been provided. 9. Mount fan blades – After installing the fan electric motor and also putting on the cover, it will certainly be time to mount the fan blades. Make certain that each fan cutter is installed correctly because you do not wish your fan to be unbalanced. That’s it!

Published: March 3, 2015

A word of appreciation

Ever since I found this blog, I’ve received lots of comments from peers and colleagues. They said what I am doing is useless, and shouts to my face that no one will ever ever read what you post. Everyone can do what you can do, so why bother setting up a blog teaching them and reviewing products for them, giving away your hard-earned experience from all the years. Admittedly, it was very de-motivating at the time, and I cannot bring myself to the point of being clear-minded to focus on setting up the blog. However, one day, I just decided I need to do this, at all cost. And that single moment was the best thing that could ever happen.

I received lots of comments all over the world, on how well my reviews are and a nicely-designed website. To be honest, I feel flattered. The design was just simply based on a theme, and the reviews are simply my years of experience using the products, or having some acquaintance using the products. As it based on experience, it can easily touch the burning question of other people, as I am simply an average American. I experience the problem that you face, and my solution to them, most 90%, could apply for you. So if I have a problem with the product, I simple lay it down here, and you could read and avoid making the same mistake the I made.

So, thank you for reading this rambling. Such my great humiliation of having written one, but I am sure you get the idea of this. I love you, the readers of this blog, who love to see my face during Lunar New Year.

Again, thank you!

Published: March 3, 2015

Seven Kinds of Products to possess for a good Enhanced Golf Play Expertise

Playing golf takes a high degree of accuracy, energy, motivation as well as focus. But this stuff could maintain jeopardy once a worsening starts to consider away your own mood in order to play. Such as, you wish to save cash by lowering your lost golf ball count; however, you can’t prevent driving your own balls in order to unlikely landings. Good thing like best golf rangefinder will help to enhance golfing play encounter. Here are seven products for enhancing your golf play experience.

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder Reviews

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder

  1. Utility Belt:
    We would like the things we want within simple reach. Golf Tote Utility Belts tend to be durable and have multi-compartment letting you keep each and every essential you’ll need while the game of golf when you need it. Typically, utility belts possess a partition with regard to beverage may, a pocket for the cell telephone, a nylon uppers compartment to maintain your baseballs alongside pockets for pencils, guns, tees along with other tools.
  2. Rating Counter:
    With this particular gadget, it’s not necessary to worry regarding remembering each and every score inside your golf perform. Like the actual Forgan associated with St. Andrews Golfing Score Counter-top, it will help you tally upward your score while you play along with the scores as high as 3 of the opponents. Golf rating counter gadgets are extremely handy.
  3. Locater Glasses:
    It may be frustrating to possess done a poor swing, but there’s nothing more unsatisfying whenever a bad swing results in a dropped ball. Basketball Finder Eyeglasses are engineered in order to save you cash from purchasing new balls because of frequent dropped balls. Besides golf rangefinder reviews can also help you for this purpose.
  4. Army Golfing Tool:
    How do you want a really handy device that has tools you require in your own golf perform? Army Golfing Tools consist of tee strike, ball gun, divot restore tool along with a groove solution. With this particular tool inside your golf toolbox, you do not have to scramble via your bag every once in awhile just to locate a certain device.
  5. Grooming Package:
    Looking great and sensation good may possibly add for your confidence while the game of golf. For this particular reason, you may want to fix yourself every once in awhile while you’re in golfing sessions. Therefore, you need something which can maintain your personal-care tools in a single place. Or even, perhaps the kit which has all you need.
  6. Rangefinder:
    Inside golf perform; we want every single child use the best club in the right scenario. We want a detailed to precise measurement in our distance in the pin. So we all know which club might help us place the golf ball where we would like it. This can be a situation the place where a gadget such as the Bushnell best golf rangefinder can be quite useful.
  7. Trunk area Organizer:
    This is actually another practical item that’s a perfect partner for arranging your golfing accessories. You want to arrive in a golf course with this things correctly arranged, and all of us also want every single child keep the things organized each time we depart a golfing venue. Golf Trunk area Organizers might help us maintain our limit, gloves, clothing, shoe etc.Best-Golf-rangefinder-swing

You most likely don’t need each one of these things. Or even, perhaps the thing you need isn’t right here. So, identify what’s causing the discomfort or frustration and appear up a few golf shops for treatment, for sure there’s one. If you’re serious about the game of golf, then begin improving your own game through addressing individuals’ irritations for any superior encounter. Moreover best golf rangefinder is very beneficial to build up your career.

Published: February 2, 2015

Large Scale Jobs for Industrial Air Compressors

Although many of us use small scale air compressors at work or around the home, not many of us take the time to consider just how prolific the use of large air compressors are across a variety of industries. These industrial air compressors tackle tasks such as climate control, drilling, even running important medical systems. Industrial air compressors may take on large jobs but that doesn’t mean they are always bigger than regular air compressors. The price can massively vary too as some can cost as little as 90 dollars right up to ones that cost thousands.

Industrial Air Compressor

The most well-known manufacturers of industrial air compressors are Northern, Ingersoll, Firestone and Quincy. It can be hard to know which manufacturer to opt for so do your research. The Internet is a great way of accessing each company’s site and seeing what their different models have to offer. Good research will make sure you get the right compressor for the right price.

Ingresroll Air Compressor

Out of these manufacturers, Northern is one of the best regarded. One of their most popular air compressor models is the RAC106. This is a compressor featuring a 1.6 gallon tank that is extremely efficient. A great feature on this model is the cold start induction motor. The reason this is so useful is the fact your air compressor will work in even chilly conditions. The RAC106 also features visible gauges, a metal air filter and regulator.


One of the best models on offer from Ingersoll is the Ingersoll Rand 60 Gallon Industrial Air Compressor. It is a two stage unit giving out five horsepower. This 230 volt air compressor offers great versatility as it only needs a one phase electricity hook up.

The most important thing is to choose the right air compressor for the job. If you succeed in this you can get even the biggest jobs done.

Published: January 31, 2015

Bill Jone’s advice: Accessories for your air compressor

An air compressor works by compressing air inside a tank and with the resulting pressure creates a steady flow of air used to power things. Air compressors not only consist of parts such as pressure gauges and valves but can also come with a number of accessories. In this part of the best portable air compressor, we take a look at a few useful parts and accessories.

A drain petcock can prevent your compressor from leaking air. A good brass version fitted to the air compressor tank will give you a tight seal. Make sure you get the right size drain petcock for your compressor.

Air compressor oil can help prolong the life of your air compressor. It gets rid of carbon build-up within the valves and keeps components lubricated and rust free. Using compressor oil will make your machine run much more smoothly and it should last longer too. This oil is especially efficient on the best 12 volt air compressor.

Air Compressor Oil | Billjoines

A useful accessory to have is a portable tank. You can fill it with air and then take it with you, which is perfect for anyone with non-portable compressors. A portable tank can prove invaluable in a flat tyre situation.

Air safety valves are very important so good quality ones are the only way to go. The best air safety valves are made of brass and last longer than many other valves.

One accessory every air compressor owner should have is a good maintenance kit. Keeping your air compressor in the best condition possible with the right maintenance will keep it in top condition for the longest possible time. A good maintenance kit will have everything you need to complete jobs such as an oil or air filter change.

Pressure controls are a vital piece of the air compressor so if you ever need replacements make sure you buy the best quality you can afford.

There are a number of ways in which you can use an air compressor. Small scale air compressors are just right for keeping your tires pumped up. There are a huge variety of air compressors out there from small workshop compressors to huge industrial models so you are sure to find one to fit your needs.

Published: January 20, 2015